Monthly Tip or Trick – PrtScn – Print Screen

Have you ever used the PrtScn (Print Screen) button to try and print your screen? Was it successful? The reason I ask, is that the PrtScn button used to do as it said, ie print the screen. These days Microsoft has decided that we don’t want to just print the screen, we may want to edit it in some way before printing. (Yes, I know!) So the PrtScn button just captures the screen image. You will need to paste this image into Word or Paint or some other program and then Print it. So if you want to print the screen, (maybe to print a copy of My Documents when you do a back up for example), press...

Monthly Tip or Trick – Euro € symbol

It’s at this time of year when some of us start thinking about holidays, which leads me nicely into this month’s Tip or Trick. Have you got a € symbol on your keyboard? No, of course you haven’t. Are you sure? Have a look. Quite positive? Take another look. Yes, there it is on the number 4 key. But how do you select it? Try pressing the key and you get a 4. Try holding down the shift key and you get the $ sign. Try using Ctrl and you get nothing and the same with the Alt key. That is really mean of the designers to put a symbol on the keyboard that you can’t select. Ah, but you can… Have...

Monthly Tip or Trick – Alt Gr revisited

Earlier this year I sent out a tip using Alt Gr and for most of you this was the first time you had ever seen the key. For those of you still uninitiated the Alt Gr key is just to the right of the space bar. This time we’re going to use the key for its real purpose. Alt Gr stands for Alternative Graphic and it is used, amongst other things, to put accents on letters. All you need to do is this. Hold down the Alt Gr key and press a e i o u and you will get á é í ó ú. For capital letters you need to hold the shift key down as well. Here’s where it gets tricky… To get à è ì ò ù, you n...

Monthly Tip or Trick – Shortcut to Webpage

Have you ever wanted to save a webpage? Of course you have and you know how to do it, don’t you? You click on “Favourites”, then you click on “Add…” and then you click “Okay” and then you close the Favourites Window. Then when you want to get back to the page, you click on “Favourites”, then you click on the web address, then you close the Favourites Window. Simple isn’t it? Well I can make it simpler, after all, that’s my job! Next time you’re on a web page you want to save, just do this, right click anywhere on the page. (Well not anywhere, make sure it’s not on a link or in a picture....

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