Monthly Tip or Trick – Euro € symbol

It’s at this time of year when some of us start thinking about holidays, which leads me nicely into this month’s Tip or Trick. Have you got a € symbol on your keyboard? No, of course you haven’t. Are you sure? Have a look. Quite positive? Take another look. Yes, there it is on the number 4 key. But how do you select it?

Try pressing the key and you get a 4. Try holding down the shift key and you get the $ sign. Try using Ctrl and you get nothing and the same with the Alt key. That is really mean of the designers to put a symbol on the keyboard that you can’t select. Ah, but you can…

Have you ever wondered what the Alt Gr key does? (Don’t you dare say “no”!) It’s just to the right of the space bar. If you hold down the Alt Gr key and press 4 you will get the € symbol. Fantastic.

Now you’ve got the hang of it, you can also press Ctrl + Alt + 4 and that will give you the € symbol. And if you want to you can also press Ctrl + Alt + E.

So there you have it, after not even noticing that you have a € symbol on your keyboard you now know three ways of typing it!

iPad users.

But we don’t an Alt Gr key. On your screen keyboard there are two keys with “…?123” both sides of the spacebar, either of these will select the numeric keyboard. Once you have selected this, you can see the £ symbol. Yes, but where’s the “€” symbol? Hold your finger on the £ key and other currency symbols will be shown above, slide your finger to the € sign to select it.

Go on, have a try!

Diane Atkinson

IT Fairy Godmother

First published January 2006 – updated July 2014

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