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Have you ever wanted to save a webpage? Of course you have and you know how to do it, don’t you? You click on “Favourites”, then you click on “Add…” and then you click “Okay” and then you close the Favourites Window. Then when you want to get back to the page, you click on “Favourites”, then you click on the web address, then you close the Favourites Window. Simple isn’t it?

Well I can make it simpler, after all, that’s my job!

Next time you’re on a web page you want to save, just do this, right click anywhere on the page. (Well not anywhere, make sure it’s not on a link or in a picture.) Just right click and the alternative menu with give you an option to “Create Shortcut”. You will get a window that says, “A shortcut to the current page will be placed on your desktop”. Click “Okay” and there you have it, a shortcut on your desktop straight to the relevant web page.

Next time you want the webpage, simply double-click the icon on your desktop.

iPad users.

What about the iPad users I hear you ask, we don’t have a right-click option. So, next time you’re on a webpage you want to save to your Home screen, touch the Action Button (that’s the square icon with the arrow) You have many choices and one of those is “Add to Home Screen”. An icon will be added to your Home screen so you can quickly access the webpage again, and again, and again.

Go on, have a try!

Diane Atkinson

IT Fairy Godmother

First published February 2006 – updated July 2014

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