Sue France

I just had to write to you to say what a STAR you are and how knowledgeable and helpful you are on anything to do with the complicated workings of Microsoft Office especially including Outlook and e-mails.

In the past few months I have had irritating and awkward problems in Outlook that I have struggled with for days and you have managed to solve them within minutes of my request and you make it look so simple. If you don’t know the answer straight away you work at it and solve it almost immediately – you are a computer WHIZZ and I’m glad I know you. You have just managed to solve a problem for me in time for me to go on my holidays and leave my boss able to cope whilst I am away.

I also love your tips that you send out each month as well – they are always interesting and usually I don’t know them but if I do they act as a useful reminder.

Thanks again for being there for me and for all your help – I am continually recommending you to my contacts.

Kind regards

– Sue France
The Times Crème DHL PA of the year 2006
UK National Training & Development Officer for European Management Assistants
UK and European Marketing and Events Manager for Persuasion